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Our Pelamin Collections…

Hannan Gallery already have collections of beautiful dais (pelamin). We do not have standard design of pelamin, it is all depends on the client’s need. The price of the pelamin ranged from RM650 up to RM3000.

Outdoor Pelamin @ Kinrara, Puchong

Pelamin @ Subang

Pelamin @Kompleks Tabung Haji, Kelana Jaya

Pelamin @PJ

Pelamin @ Sheraton KL

Pelamin @ PJ

Will upload more on Pelamin…… STAY TUNE!!!!! šŸ˜‰

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wedding planner

many would ask, do we need to have a wedding planner for our wedding???? it can be YES…. and also NO….

wedding planner will be the one yang akan handle everything related to your wedding.. from A-Z.. venue, caterer, hantaran, wedding dress, make-up, pelamin, door gift, photography, the flow of the event and many more….. for those yang taknak serabut2kan kepala, yg memang langsung takde masa nak buat all these things… let the wedding planner do for u…. we will discuss how the wedding would be, i will find several parties related and come out with quotations, at the same time i’ll make appointments with those parties to discuss related matters… and we will discuss to finalise.. all these akan ambik masa yang agak lama…

why we have to pay for wedding planner??? YES… there are certain amount of money you have to pay to the wedding planner…. in order to make sure your wedding to be the greatest one, there are a lottttssssss of things to be done by wedding planner…. ulang alik ke sana ke mari, buat phone calls, make appoinments and alot more….. for all the works and services, itulah yang anda bayar…. as for me, my charge starts from RM1000 depending on items i have to do…

and for me the best thing jadi wedding planner ni, semua bakal pengantin bukan sekadar client tetapi menjadi sahabat….. dalam sibuk2 buat preparation, u would listen to their dreams, problems, luahan hati dan macam2 lagi…… and iĀ will listen with my open heart…….


wedding of Izadira & Sham- by Hannan Gallery


Majlis Pertunangan Nyny-Yusri- by Hannan Gallery


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welcome to Hannan Gallery….

Salam & Hello to everyone….

2009… a year for me to start my biz through this blog ( i know i am a bit backdated!!!)… and a year for me to fulfillĀ lotsss of my dreams, wishes and hopes.. a hope to fulfill everyone’s wedding dreams!!!!!!

HANNAN GALLERY… established about a year ago with the mission to become among the best one stop wedding gallery, be able to deliver the best to all brides and bridesgroom for their wedding…

so, what do we have in HANNAN GALLERY?…. our main service is wedding planner or wedding consultant… we help our client, save their time by planning their wedding day as their wish including the venue, catering, dais, photography and all aspects related to wedding…..

besides, we also have our own collections of dais (pelamin), wedding dress and we have our own team in bridal make-up, preparing hall decorations, main table decorations, bride’s room and others…

other than that, we also make wedding hantaran, door gift, wedding card… and we really hopeĀ our dream to be among the most established one stop wedding centre will become reality…. InsyaAllah…..


besides wedding, we go one step further with gifts & hampers, corporate gifts & premium items and printing…

we will updating each of the services that we offer from time to time…..


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