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wedding faizul & nurul @ keramat

Event : 19 April 2009

Pelamin : Hannan Gallery

Wedding Dress : Hannan Gallery

Make-Up : Hannan Gallery










Hannan Gallery


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wedding card & paper bag…..

we are offering u wedding card & paper bag with your personalised photos on it…… or any design u want to have….











  • paper bag & wedding card

            500 pcs – RM3.40 each

           1000 pcs- RM2.35 each

  • paper bag 

            500 pcs – RM2.10 each

           1000 pcs- RM1.60 each

  • wedding card

            500 pcs – RM1.70 each

           1000 pcs- RM1.10 each

*minimum order- 100 pcs

searching for more elegance & exclusive wedding card?……

customised hardcover wedding card is here!!!!




any inquiries do not hesitate to call/sms me hanani 019-3419702…. we deliver the best for u!


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old wedding dress…

just wanna share with u all…. cute wedding cartoon with great message!!!

what should we do with our old wedding dress?? some people prefer to have their own wedding dress (new design & and to be kept after the wedding)… for a reason… memorable wedding dress….. sentimental values…… so on….etc…etc…etc…..

after few years, some of them will start asking.. apa aku nak buat dgn baju nih???? nak pakai dah tak muat…. ( for those yg maintain berat badan… u’re lucky!! 🙂 )…. will start searching for any mak andam who is willing to buy the dress… as for me, i would say, that is one of the best solutions but must make sure your dress design is not outdated yet ya! … due to fast- changes- design day by day….

there are also people who will keep those dressess sampai ke tua…… maybe when the time comes  bila dah tua, it will bring back all those wedding memories….. cute kan?…

it is all up to you, jangan sampai jadi mcm cartoon kat bawah ni dahla…… huhuhuhuu


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wedding gift on demand!

this is the most frequently asked gift item by our customer.. it is now available at HANNAN GALLERY and already received orders from customers.

box items no matter how it looks like are items on demand. why? because of the ‘long term usage’. people who receive it will appreciate it more where they can use it to put  beauty accessories or office accessories. with additional deco, the item will look nicer and elegance depends on the decorations.

just imagine if you give something as your wedding gift to your guest, later on you found out it become ‘keep-it-first-later-on-throwlah‘ item…. sedih kan?

if possible, gifts given to your guest, not only nice but useful too!!!




dimension: +- 7cm x 7cm x 2cm(h)

price           : RM 2.20 each (without deco)

                      : RM 2.80each (with deco)

min.order: 50 pcs

                      >200pcs will get special discount from  HANNAN GALLERY!!



dimension: +- 10cm x 10cm x 4cm(h)

price           : RM 3.50each (without deco)

                      : RM 4.00each (with deco)

min.order: 50 pcs

                      >200pcs will get special discount from HANNAN GALLERY!!


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another latest wedding door gift offered by HANNAN GALLERY..

cutie bag comes in gold & silver colour



special offer price for order made before 30th April 2009:

50 – 100 pcs = RM 1.20each RM1.00 each

101- 499pcs = RM 1.05 each RM 0.90 each

>500 pcs       = RM0.95 each RM0.80 each

(price of bag only)

50 – 100 pcs = RM 1.80each RM1.60 each

101- 499pcs = RM 1.65 each RM 1.50 each

>500 pcs       = RM1.55 each RM1.40each

(price with deco & thank you card)

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anugerah kreatif @ teluk intan….

for those who stays or gonna have their wedding events at teluk intan or nearby areas, feel free to contact our person: yahaya- my FIL (017-5958290/ 013-6643616) or dilah-my SIL  (019-4043681)….

my father in law’s specialisations are curtains & bedsheets (wedding or daily usage) and flower arrangement (pelamin, hantaran, deco etc of course dia buat jugak!)…. so for those who are looking for curtain & bedsheet maker feel free to contact my FIL ok! whether u’re in Perak or Klang valley, we will come to ur area for discussions and taking dimensions… Price???? i can say the cheapest ever….. but the QUALITY NO.1!!!


bedsheet & room deco


bedsheet & curtain












flower arrangement


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wedding decorator

last saturday, my previous customer Nyny & Yusri( during their engagement) came to my house to discuss on their wedding to be held in december at Kg. Pengantin, jln genting klang. we were discussing more on how the pelamin will look like.. Nyny showed me some of pelamin done by Nas Great Idea from magazines and she was so in love with them….. So do I!!!!! as a person who involve in this wedding industry, i wish i can be like Nas…. or Razak…… or Pak abu one day!!!!….. i really… really… admire their works….

and i told Nyny….. yes Nyny! TRUST ME! eventhough i am not Nas, or Razak, or Pak abu….. i will make sure  your “pelamin anganmu” will become reality!!! and thanks for the supports and trust given to me for me to go another steps ahead!!!!!

for those who haven’t seen Nas’s works, here are some! ( ala… yg jadik mawi & ekinnye wedding decorator tu!!!!


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