old wedding dress…

10 Apr

just wanna share with u all…. cute wedding cartoon with great message!!!

what should we do with our old wedding dress?? some people prefer to have their own wedding dress (new design & and to be kept after the wedding)… for a reason… memorable wedding dress….. sentimental values…… so on….etc…etc…etc…..

after few years, some of them will start asking.. apa aku nak buat dgn baju nih???? nak pakai dah tak muat…. ( for those yg maintain berat badan… u’re lucky!! 🙂 )…. will start searching for any mak andam who is willing to buy the dress… as for me, i would say, that is one of the best solutions but must make sure your dress design is not outdated yet ya! … due to fast- changes- design day by day….

there are also people who will keep those dressess sampai ke tua…… maybe when the time comes  bila dah tua, it will bring back all those wedding memories….. cute kan?…

it is all up to you, jangan sampai jadi mcm cartoon kat bawah ni dahla…… huhuhuhuu


credit to


Posted by on April 10, 2009 in wedding, wedding dress, wedding planner


2 responses to “old wedding dress…

  1. mye

    April 10, 2009 at 9:21 am

    haha…bahaya ni! tolonglah anakku jgn jadik ballerina! abis baju butik citra mama! 😉

  2. zoora

    April 13, 2009 at 1:24 am

    heloooo.. mcm ni kes aku jer


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