Naziha’s wedding…..

05 Feb

At last….. i received several wedding photos from huda, naziha’s sister… dah nak bersalin pon naziha ni, baru i dpt upload gambar dia kat sini. i mmg tak sempat nak ambik gambo during the events, so mmg tunggu from diorg je all the photos…. thank you huda!

for naziha’s wedding, her mom was the wedding planner!!!! She prepared everything for her daughter’s wedding with the help from her eldest daughter huda who is also my previous client… bravo to Auntie Aliyah and Huda!

So, for Naziha… we sat down together several times to discuss on the design of her wedding dresses, for nikah and sanding for both sides… and Alhamdulillah my tailor managed to do as what we want. i’ve prepared all accessories for her and her husband and do the makeup for all the 3 events..

Naziha before Akad nikah

Naziha & Zaidi ( naziha’s side)


naziha & zaidi with daania (huda’s dotter) – zaidi’s side

Last but not least, me, daania and huda 😉


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