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Wedding Ina-Ruhaifi : Teluk Intan & Kelantan

Assalamualaikum WBT & Selamat Sejahtera to all viewers..

The planning of this wedding was a collaboration with Anugerah Kreatif ( Fb Page: Anugerah Kreatif) in Teluk Intan. Hannan Gallery was given the opportunity to prepare the wedding card, hantaran, wedding dresses and makeup for nikah and reception.

Ina choosed to have RED as her wedding theme, and believe me everything looks GREAT in red. Enjoy the pics yo!!! 😉

Superb Roti Jala!.. Those looking for specialty during their wedding day can have this special recipe of Roti Jala with teh tarik!!! I am very sure your guest will lovvvvveeee ittt!!!!

We will ensure you will get our best services. As usual any enquiries you can direct to me via comments/sms/email or whatever ways you can reach me :)…

Do visit and Like our Fb Page ya… Hannan Gallery

Salam Aidiladha to All


Hanani Jaafar


Fb Page: Hannan Gallery



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New Collection of Wedding Favors

Salam to all..

Here comes our new collection of wedding favors. They are cute, lovely and at a very reasonable price. So have a look and make your choice!!


Approximate size : 7cm x 7cm




GOWN & TUXEDO BOX (must buy in pair)- BP01

Approximate Size: 6cm x 6cm

Approximate Size: 10cm x 7cm




LOVE BOX GOWN & TUXEDO (must buy in pair)- BL01

Approximate Size: 6cm x 3cm  





Do email/ym/sms me for the pricing. THE MORE YOU BUY THE CHEAPER YOU GET!!!!
ym : hannan_enterprise
hp  : 019-3419702

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Visit Fb Page Hannan Gallery and click ‘Like’ ;)

Salam to all viewers…

I have created Hannan Gallery’s page on facebook to ease all clients and future clients to communicate with me. Do visit Hannan Gallery’s page to get out latest updates and collections, and dont forget to click “Like”!!! 😉





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cute little candy/choc box as your wedding gift….

new wedding favors @ HANNAN GALLERY……

suitable to put choc/ sweets/ candy or…. the box itself is cute enough as a gift!!!! comes in 3 different design.

It’s Tea Time Choc Box….

Clock Ticking Choc Box….

Size: 4cm x 4 cm x 7.0 cm(H)

Min. Order : 50 pcs

Price : RM3.30 each

purchase above 100 pcs will get discount… the more u buy, the more discount u get!!!!

another one is a sweet flowery rounded box….

Size: 6cm Dia x 5.0 cm(H)

Min. Order : 50 pcs

Price : RM3.80 each

purchase above 100 pcs will get discount… the more u buy, the more discount u get!!!!
so… tunggu apa lagi…. stocks are limited!!!! grab yours now!!!!

sebarang pertanyaan dan appointment, call/sms me at 019-3419702 or just leave ur comments…




*wanna loose weight and stay healthy?? visit


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pakej dari hannan gallery

Ramai yang bertanya harga pakej2 yang ditawarkan di HANNAN GALLERY…. So, di sini saya uploadkan basic pakej yang ada.

but as a wedding planner, saya bole providekan all types of services yang u all nak..

just let me know apa yang u all nak such as cateringand canopy, photographer,

kompang, mc etc then i’ll provide u the price list….

and also for those who need my service as ur wedding planner,

anda dialu-alukan…. i’ll try my best to make sure ur wedding will be the greatest one!!! 😉


kepada yang berminat mendapatkan khidmat HANNAN GALLERY, ingin dapatkan quotation, temujanji atau sebagainya

pls sms or call me at 019-3419702


email me at atau 🙂

Mana-mana pihak yang ingin bekerjasama dengan HANNAN GALLERY, anda turut dialu-alukan…… 

 Hantarkan kepada saya pakej2 serta harga yang anda tawarkan ya!


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wedding gift-tepak sirih

salam to all,

new wedding gift is arrived… it is a mini tepak sirih, dalam dia bole letak mcm2 choc, sweets, telur etc or bole bg macam tu je dengan hiasan yang menarik.. sangat cantik, menampilkan ciri-ciri warisan melayu.. saiz +- 10cm(L), 6cm(W), 7cm(H)..


Selain daripada itu, kami juga ada yang berbentuk kotak. saiznye lebih kecil +-6cm x 6cm x 6cm…. rekaan ukirannya menambahkan keserian pada kotak tersebut…..

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, just leave a comment or contact me at 019-3419702…. 🙂



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wedding gift on demand!

this is the most frequently asked gift item by our customer.. it is now available at HANNAN GALLERY and already received orders from customers.

box items no matter how it looks like are items on demand. why? because of the ‘long term usage’. people who receive it will appreciate it more where they can use it to put  beauty accessories or office accessories. with additional deco, the item will look nicer and elegance depends on the decorations.

just imagine if you give something as your wedding gift to your guest, later on you found out it become ‘keep-it-first-later-on-throwlah‘ item…. sedih kan?

if possible, gifts given to your guest, not only nice but useful too!!!




dimension: +- 7cm x 7cm x 2cm(h)

price           : RM 2.20 each (without deco)

                      : RM 2.80each (with deco)

min.order: 50 pcs

                      >200pcs will get special discount from  HANNAN GALLERY!!



dimension: +- 10cm x 10cm x 4cm(h)

price           : RM 3.50each (without deco)

                      : RM 4.00each (with deco)

min.order: 50 pcs

                      >200pcs will get special discount from HANNAN GALLERY!!


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