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Wedding of Muthia & Munawir, Dewan Risda Jln Ampang

Not sure why i didn’t upload this earlier. I was browsing thru photos from my facebook (Nur Hanani Jaafar. owh i think i should have page for Hannan Gallery), then i realised i havent upload photos on this event, the wedding of Muthia and Munawir.

It was such a special wedding, as the bridegroom is actually from Padang, Indonesia and  their family was looking forward towards this wedding ceremony. They had such a very great colourful wedding ceremony in Padang with full of Minang tradition and customs.

both photos credit to: Facebook Mohd.Munawir Mahdun, Archiprez Mosis, Zaidan Zainuddin, Shutterspeak Studio. Check Out Shutterspeak Studio!!! Such a marvellous wedding photos!

Back to Malaysia….. I met Munawir and Muthia twice only since Munawir works in Sudan and Muthia stays in Padang, Indonesia. During the 1st meeting, we confirmed on the design of Pelamin, Deco and wedding dress and on the 2nd meeting, Muthia, her MIL to be and me went to find fabrics for her wedding dress.

The theme for this wedding is Silver and Pink. The bride wanted the pelamin and deco to be very simple and minimal. He even refused to wear all the sampin, keris, tengkolok and all those stuffs but was forced by his mother and sisters!!!

So all viewers… do enjoy all these photos..






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Makeup for reception -Saarah Huurieyah, Penang

Again, for her reception, she requested for a very light makeup 😉



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Akad nikah makeup for Sarah Huurieyah




Salam Aidilfitri to all reader. Still not too late kan? Alhamdulillah pagi ni, 9.9.11 (cantik date) selesai 1 job makeup jauh di Penang. I
It was only last nite baru dpt jumpa Saarah when she fetch me at airpprt. I only managed to discuss with jer SIL (org kuat wedding) regarding all items + accessories required for the wedding.
Saarah and her family requested for a very spft amd natural makeup for her akad nikah as well as reception. Takut jugak kot2la jadi terlebih ;)…
So here is the photo. Sorry for tje amateur quality. Will upload later photos from official photographer.


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